Voxel-G TBot 3D printer

Welcome to a fresh take on 3D printing with the Voxel-G, a self-designed 3D printer that brings together innovative technology for an enhanced 3D printing experience. The Voxel-G offers improved accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness, making it a great choice for various 3D printing needs.

Innovative Belt Path System: Simplifying X and Z Movement

The Voxel-G features a unique belt path system that links the X and Z axes for better accuracy and stability during printing. By keeping the motors stationary, this design reduces moving mass and as a result higher accelerations can be reached.

e3D Revo Hotend System: Reliable Extrusion

Equipped with the e3D Revo hotend system, the Voxel-G delivers consistent extrusion performance with less maintenance. This advanced hotend system provides efficient thermal management and smooth filament transitions, ensuring high-quality prints even for complex designs. The quick change nozzles allow for nozzle diameter to be considered per print rather than a one size fits all solution.

Klipper Firmware: Enhanced Printing Experience

The Voxel-G runs on Klipper firmware, offering a range of advanced features to optimize your 3D printing experience. Input shaping reduces vibrations and print artifacts for cleaner prints, while the pressure advance feature improves extrusion control, reducing oozing and creating well-defined edges.

Geared Dual Drive Extruder: Precise and Consistent Extrusion

The Voxel-G's geared dual drive extruder provides increased extrusion accuracy and control. This advanced design ensures consistent grip on the filament, reducing the risk of slipping or grinding for more reliable print quality.

0.9 Degree Stepper Motors: Improved Accuracy

With its 0.9 degree stepper motors, the Voxel-G offers enhanced precision compared to standard 1.8 degree motors. The increased accuracy results in smoother movement along the X and Z axes, allowing you to create intricate designs with confidence.